Erika Dillon Studio


Just me and one of my heroes. NBD.

Just me and one of my heroes. NBD.


It all started when…

With over 10 years of graphic design experience and an uncanny love of all things letters, I create concept-first projects that get creative brands noticed by their people.

For the past four years, my focus has shifted to hand-lettering. What started as a dive into the world of calligraphy then turned into full-fledged obsession with lettering. I had already loved the world of typography but didn’t realize that I could take that love and focus solely on letters - and that I could use it to help brands tell their stories.

The Backstory

As you see above, I’ve worked full time in the graphic design industry for over 10 years. So while my hand-lettering might be punchy and fresh AF, I’m no spring chicken to this visual branding game. After scoring my BFA in fine arts from Rhode Island College, I’ve gone on to work with bigwig companies like Hasbro, CVS, and MOO.

Growing up as a kid who wanted to illustrate for the World of Disney (thank you, The Lion King), landing in a graphic design role in some seemingly cool companies felt like the dream gig at first. But a few years into working for corporate heavyweights I realized hmmm actually I wasn’t working the Dream Job—playing jump rope with all that oh-so-festive red tape from 9-5 wasn’t how I wanted to make use of my love of design.

I didn’t stop building my design + create muscle once I’d wrapped up my formal training. After honing the craft of hand-lettering for the past four years, I still get excited about how type plays with image on a page. When that type takes the form of lettering (I promise you, there’s a difference) it’s totally the best.

All this experience has taught me that I’m a bit of a badass transfiguration wizard when it comes to turning moods + feelings + ideas into one-of-a-kind hand-lettered masterpieces. Clients usually say, "NAILED IT!" when they get their final product.

Know what really lights my fire?

Creating visual branding for businesses that *own* their unique take. Working with makers that are PSYCHED about standing out in their craft and boldly positioning themselves separate from the rest.

Whether it’s creating a logo that propels a brand to the next level, or designing hand-lettering for a commission project on an a mug or a t-shirt, it’s getting my clients that fresh injection of oomph in their business that I live for.

If you’re a maker, or a creative business owner who’s ready to whole-ass this visual branding thing, I think we’ve got some magic to make together. Whaddya say?

Fast Facts:

  • I love cats. And dogs. But I am 100% a crazy cat lady. I love them so much, I had my buddy, Beouf (pronounced Boof) tattooed on my arm after he passed (he’s likely the only one who will be permanently inked on my body).

  • I have my Yoga Teacher Training 200 hr certificate. I don’t teach but you can find me in the yoga studio at least twice a week (more if I can finagle it)

  • Besides yoga, my other activity of choice is mountain biking. It is the scariest, funnest, most frustrating, most rewarding, empowering physical activity I have ever done.

  • I love going to craft breweries to try out new brews. I have a special love of IPAs but can’t hang with anything above a 7.5% – I have my limits.

  • Favorite TV shows include It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Parks and Rec, and Legion.