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Graphic designer turned
hand-lettering artist. Badass transfiguration wizard of ideas.

With one of my life heroes.

With one of my life heroes.

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Erika Dillon

I’m a lettering artist and brand consultant for creative businesses who are ready to showcase the essence of their brand with KAPOW, and make a clean break from the average masses.

Did you know that I’ve worked full time in the graphic design industry for over 10 years? Yep. So while my hand-lettering might be punchy and fresh AF, I’m no spring chicken to this visual branding game. After scoring my BFA from Rhode Island College, I’ve gone on to work with bigwig companies like Hasbro, CVS, and MOO.

Growing up as a kid who wanted to illustrate for the World of Disney, landing in a graphic design role in some seemingly cool companies felt like the dream gig at first. But a few years into working for corporate heavyweights I realized hmmm actually I wasn’t working the Dream Job—playing jump rope with all that oh-so-festive red tape from 9-5 wasn’t how I wanted to make use of my love of design. 

I didn’t stop building my design + create muscle once I’d wrapped up my formal training. After honing the craft of hand-lettering for the past four years, I still get excited about how type plays with image on a page, and even now find myself swooning at sexy swashes (those tails and ornamentation thingys on letters).

All this experience has taught me that I’m a bit of a badass transfiguration wizard when it comes to turning moods + feelings + ideas into one-of-a-kind hand-lettered masterpieces. Clients usually say, "NAILED IT!" when they get their final product.

I’ve used some of these hand-lettering skills to make a few things for you—like my Motivate Your Ass Calendar and a selection of designed-by-moi cards and t-shirts. You can also get in on first dibs for my brand-spanking new subscriber gifts (that means they’re FREE). A couple of times a year, I share hand-lettered ‘my-take-on-mindset’ quotes to spice up your desktop / cell-phone wallpaper. Look, I won’t toot my own horn by telling you that they’re pretty great. I’ll let someone else do that for me.

Erika, your screensavers and wallpapers are forking awesome! My brain gets a lil hit of endorphins whenever I see my desktop—the perfect pickup when it’s 3pm and I’m convincing myself to get back to it instead of reading over my next instagram post for 27th time. Prioritize the shit that matters: YUP.
— Miish Grixti,

Most weekends you’ll find me making final touches on a lettering illustration while I sip my locally roasted, dark blend, black-AF coffee (ok—it’s got a dash of milk. But it would be black if it wasn’t white, ya know?).

I’m always itching to get out into nature (mountain biking + hiking), and I love supporting the sort of businesses I get giddy to illustrate for: I’ll swing by a local makers’ markets, enjoy craft beers with friends, and watch episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia with my husband (ok, I’m not totally sure how I can illustrate for IASIP, but if you find out how, lemme know!)
(PS—here’s a piece I did for my second favorite show.)

Know what really lights my fire? Creating visual branding for businesses that *own* their unique take. Working with makers that are PSYCHED about standing out in their craft and boldly positioning themselves separate from the rest.

Whether it’s creating a logo that propels a brand to the next level, or designing hand-lettering for a commission project on an a mug or a t-shirt, it’s getting my clients that fresh injection of oomph in their business that I live for.

If you’re a maker, or a creative business owner who’s ready to whole-ass this visual branding thing, I think we’ve got some magic to make together. Whaddya say?

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