Lettering Artist with an Edge

I'm Erika and I offer hand-lettering, sans bullshit. I'm a designer-turned-lettering artist with over 10 years of experience, and I've made it my mission to work with badass businesses making an impact.

I specialize in creating hand-lettering for logos, stationery, inspirational quotes, social media, editorial, and ad campaigns. I've worked with some freakin' awesome clients who aren't afraid to shake things up, like Tiffany Han and Being Boss.

Clients who work with me usually say, "NAILED IT!" after they get their final product. I've been told that I can translate their ideas into graphics that totally capture their vision, I offer insightful suggestions, and provide on point design work. And that, my friends, is what it's all about. WORD.



• Craft brewery labels

• Natural Skin Care Branding

• Hand-crafted candle packaging

• Sports action apparel graphics

• Book Covers

• Snowboard decks


Oh, look! my fancy third person bio.

Erika Dillon has been a lover of letters, stationery, design, and illustration for as long as she can remember. From the time she could hold a pencil, she was doodling stick figure cats all over her collection of notebooks (which shouldn't come as a shock to anyone who knows her).

With a B.F.A. in Graphic Design from Rhode Island College and over 10 years of working at well known companies such as Hasbro, CVS, and MOO, she has proven time and again that she knows her shit. Combined with her intimate knowledge of typefaces and dedication to creating with a concept first approach, Erika provides graphic solutions that work specifically for her clients.  

Besides having a vast array of professional experience, Erika is never one to shy away from new techniques and creative endeavors. Her creative curiosity has lead her to explore everything from calligraphy to letterpress printing to embroidery. This is awesome for her clients because she has a wealth of knowledge that can be sourced for their projects - and the end result will always be amazing.