Erika Dillon Studio


Commissioned Work


Some of my favorite projects to work on are commissions. Each one is unique and gives me a new challenge to tackle.

When I start a commission, I dive into the meaning and concept behind the piece first. I brainstorm a shit-ton of ideas, refine a small handful, and then settle on one to move forward with.

Once I've chosen the direction, I get to work redrawing the piece, first using pencil and ink and all the guidelines. Then I'll look at the piece, see what's not feeling right and continue to refine and develop the letterforms. After I'm pretty set on the layout and nuances and feel like there's not much left to refine, I scan the image in and start the process of vectorization.

Some people hate vectorizing work but I really love it. There's something so zen about spacing out while playing with Bezier curves. Plus, it plays into my somewhat obsessive love of details.

Like what you see and want a commissioned piece of your own? Drop a line and we can make it happen.