Erika Dillon Studio

Concept First Approach

It’s not about being trendy AF.
It’s about being timeless AF.

Concept First Approach

I know - concept first approach sounds like a bunch of design malarkey. A clever ploy to show you just how fucking original I am. I can assure you, that’s definitely not the case!

Something that has ALWAYS been important to me is that my work has a concept behind it. It’s what keeps your brand feeling timeless and relevant as the trends rotate their way through Instagram, Dribbble, Pinterest, and anywhere the hipsters are hanging out.

The concept first approach is baked right into my process that I use with every client. Before I jump into sketches (which start off analog - old school pencil and paper, all day), I spend time deep diving into who you are as a brand, who your people are, and what makes you, YOU. This research helps to drive design decisions forward and I am ALWAYS coming back to the research. If the design doesn’t come back to the research, then you end up with a project that feels like that amazing pair of faux leather leggings you saw on your favorite lead singer that you thought would look so badass on you - a little too snug and a whole bunch of uncomfortable.

Designs created with a shit ton of research to back them don’t run the risk of going out of fashion. They can withstand the test of time and always have their messaging at the forefront.

Think this concept first approach could work for you and your creative business?