Erika Dillon Studio


Your work deserves to be read.

Grab your reader's attention with hand-lettered covers, titles, and spot illustrations. The written word deserves that extra sumthin-sumthin.



Vestibulum ante ipsum
In faucibus orci luctus et
Posuere cubilia curae
Curae proin nec scelerisque
Felis proin hendrerit
Maecenas vehicula tortor
Lacinia tristique finibus
Sed maximus vel velit ac
Rutrum ut sed tortor
Egestas, volutpat orci vel
Posuere cubilia curae


Starting at $500

Pricing is based on size of project (do you need a cover, a spread, or spot illustrations?)




Bring the printed page to life.

Let's up your street cred among all the snazzy websites. Because Print is King.